CSNS Board of Directors

  • Chair- Karen Pinsent
  • Vice-Chair - Bonnie Elliott
  • Secretary- Laura Legere
  • Treasurer - Carol Watters
  • Members at Large - Mary Guildford, Annette White

Annapolis Regional Committee Executive:

  • Chair - Leona Seguin-Straka
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Valerie Davies
Standing Committees:
  • Membership - Karen Pinsent, Jenny Milligan (Stewart)
  • Newsletter - Bonnie Elliott, Chair
  • Sally Erskine-Doucette; Anita Campbell; Karen Pinsent
  • Website - Jenny Milligan
  • Publicity & Programs Halifax - Denise Hansen, Estelle Lalonde, Laura Legere, Wilma Stewart-White 
  • Programs Annapolis - Millie Hawes
  • Yahoo Group Moderator - Jenny Milligan
  • Essay Award - Bonnie Elliott

What we do

The Costume Society of Nova Scotia (CSNS) was formed in 1981 to promote the study and preservation of examples of historic and contemporary costume, both civilian and military.  The Society encourages interest in the history, development and conservation of Nova Scotian costume and items of personal adornment. We offer learning opportunities and professional development through workshops and hands-on programming. One of the Society's primary goals is to facilitate and promote communication between Society members, government agencies, and other organizations.

Who we are

The Society's membership, comprised of individuals and organizations interested in costume, spans Nova Scotia and is open to both amateurs and professionals.  Representation includes collectors, museum professionals, designers, costumers, reenactors, researchers, historians, and students.

Society activities of note

  • Donation of Society’s costume collection to local museum 
  • Donation of costume and textile publications to Dalhousie University Costume Studies Programme library
  • Mounting of costume exhibits in Nova Scotia 
  • Implementation of workshops for amateur / professional development 
  • Host for the Provincial Theme Year in 2001:  "The Year of Costume - Fashioning a Legacy" ( to view the poster that was used for "The Year of Costume" click here)
* Annual donation of costume publication to the Halifax Public Library

Buckled leather fragment  from a soldier's stock (neck-cloth) found in a 1784-1785 burial at Fort Anne National Historic Site  (Annapolis Royal, NS)

57th Regiment Button found in a burial at Fort Anne NHS and Soldier's shoe found in a 1784-1785 burial at Fort Anne National Historic Site
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